Important Information

Terms and Conditions:

The client, by engaging the Agency and making travel arrangements using specific Suppliers, acknowledges these Suppliers and agrees to abide by their terms and conditions. If there is any doubt as to the identity of these Suppliers and/or their terms and conditions it is the Client's responsibility to obtain this information. The Client thereby also acknowledges the Agency's capacity as "agent" for these Suppliers and as such only acts to coordinate the services of these Suppliers and is not responsible for their performance or lack of performance or negligence. Payments remitted to the Agency belong to the Supplier and the Agency is bound the rules and decisions of these Suppliers. The Agency and its Suppliers are not responsible for typographical errors or outdated information. The Agency reserves the right to charge a fee in the event of cancellation or revision by the Client.

Passports/Visas/Inoculations/Medical Precautions:

It is Client's responsibility to obtain all the necessary documents and inoculations for international travel. On long flights, remember to stretch, walk around, and drink plenty of water to maintain good blood circulation.

Penalties and Changes:

Tickets, packages, cruises, hotels, cars, etc. may have cancellation and change fees and/or may be non refundable. Prices are subject to availability and other restrictions. Prices are not guaranteed until purchased, and thereafter, may still be subject to changes in tax and government fees. It is the Client's responsibility to reconfirm with the airline/railroad before and during their trip.


It is the Client's responsibility to obtain insurance to cover items such as: penalties which may be imposed if the Client should cancel their plans, bankruptcy of a Supplier, medical evacuations, medical emergencies, lost baggage, damage to a rental car, travel delays, and hotel overbooking. By not obtaining insurance, the Client acknowledges their responsibility for such loses.

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