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Monograms Arrow 2018: Asia Vacations Arrow 2018: Sensational Southeast Asia with Chiang Mai & Luang Prabang (IAHG)
2018: Sensational Southeast Asia with Chiang Mai & Luang Prabang (IAHG)
19 days from Hanoi to Luang Prabang
Call (516) 625-0300 for more information or to book today! Mention code 14022948
Tour OperatorMonograms
OfferOffer valid through 9/30/2018
19 Days
Escorted - No
Day 1HanoiWelcome to Vietnam! Hotel rooms are available for mid-afternoon check-in.
Day 2HanoiThis morning, enjoy a PRIVATE GUIDED TOUR of the city. First, explore the ancient streets of the fascinating OLD QUARTER by electric car. Here, peddlers trade as they have for centuries. Then, visit the MAUSOLEUM and the humble cottage from which 'Uncle Ho' ruled Vietnam until his death in 1969. Next on the agenda: ONE PILLAR PAGODA and the PRESIDENTIAL PALACE. Also, visit the ancient TEMPLE OF LITERATURE, more than 900 years old and Hanoi's first university. (B,L)
Day 3HA LONG BAY CRUISEYour private transfer takes you from Hanoi through the fertile countryside to Hon Gai, gateway to Ha Long Bay, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Located in the Gulf of Tonkin, the bay is dotted with more than 3,000 limestone islands carved into fanciful shapes by the action of the water. Upon arrival, board an OVERNIGHT CRUISE that takes you to explore the tunnels, caves, pristine beaches, and floating villages that are sprinkled across the bay. While on board, enjoy a TRADITIONAL VIETNAMESE COOKING DEMONSTRATION with the ship's chef. You may also choose to relax with a spa treatment. (B,L,D)
Day 4Ho Chi Minh CityEarly birds can participate in a TAI CHI DEMONSTRATION on the Sun Deck at the break of dawn. Disembark later this morning for a private transfer to Hanoi to catch a flight to Ho Chi Minh City, still known as Saigon to many. (B)
Day 5Ho Chi Minh CityStart your PRIVATE GUIDED SIGHTSEEING with a WALKING TOUR of the city's famous and historic landmarks as you stroll through the heart of the city along Dong Khoi Street (formerly Rue Catinat) past the Rex Hotel, Ho Chi Minh Square, the Municipal Theatre, Central Post Office, and Notre Dame Cathedral. Next, visit the moving WAR REMNANTS MUSEUM, followed by bustling BEN THANH MARKET, the largest and oldest in the city. The afternoon is at your leisure to explore this lively city. (B)
Day 6Ho Chi Minh CityToday, enjoy a half-day PRIVATE GUIDED EXCURSION to the CU CHI TUNNELS, an extraordinary network of tunnels more than 120 miles in length that was used by the Viet Cong as a hideout during the war. Return to Ho Chi Minh City for time at leisure this afternoon. (B)
Day 7Siem ReapA short flight brings you to Siem Reap, your base for exploring the temples of Angkor. Constructed between the 9th and 13th centuries, the temples are unmatched among the world's ancient ruins. (B)
Day 8Siem ReapYour PRIVATE GUIDED SIGHTSEEING starts at the best preserved of all the temples-ANGKOR WAT, which honors the Hindu god Vishnu. Next stop is ANGKOR THOM to see BAYON TEMPLE. One of the few Buddhist temples in Angkor, it features some 200 striking faces carved in 54 towers. Enjoy the afternoon at leisure. (B,L)
Day 9Siem ReapThis morning, explore more of the Angkor temple complex on a PRIVATE GUIDED TOUR. Visit BANTEAY SREI, a unique, small temple built from red sandstone and dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva. Then, on to TA PROHM, which has been left relatively untouched, unlike many other temples. Here, the jungle surrounds you, and tree roots grow over and through the ruins. The afternoon is at your leisure. (B)
Day 10BangkokToday, fly to Bangkok, Thailand's capital city. (B)
Day 11BangkokToday's PRIVATE GUIDED TOUR starts with a BOAT RIDE through the klongs, Bangkok's canals, to see family homes, temples, and the way of life that gives this city the nickname 'Venice of the East.' Stop at Wat Arun, the TEMPLE OF THE DAWN, whose 260-foot-tall spire has become identified with Bangkok. Continue on to the GRAND PALACE, comprised of the Funeral Palace, the Reception Palace, the Throne Hall, the Coronation Hall, the Royal Guest House, and the TEMPLE OF THE EMERALD BUDDHA. Also visit the TEMPLE OF THE RECLINING BUDDHA, the oldest and largest Buddhist temple in Bangkok. It houses more than 1,000 Buddha images, including the 49-foot-high and 151-foot-long massive Reclining Buddha. (B,L)
Day 12BangkokEnjoy a full day at leisure to explore on your own. (B)
Day 13Chiang MaiToday, fly to Chiang Mai, Thailand's second-largest city. (B)
Day 14Chiang MaiToday, your PRIVATE GUIDED TOUR begins with a visit to WAT PHRA SINGH with its famous Buddha image, and WAT DOI SUTHEP, a temple tucked away in the mountains. For the final ascent to the temple, you can take a tram car or walk up the Naga (dragon-headed serpent) staircase, with more than 300 steps. On a clear day, you will enjoy spectacular views of Chiang Mai. The remainder of the day is at your leisure. (B)
Day 15Chiang MaiToday, take a PRIVATE GUIDED EXCURSION outside the city to BAAN TONG LUANG to visit several hill tribe groups, including the AKHA, known for gorgeous headdresses decorated with silver coins; and the KAREN, home to the PADAUNG LONG-NECKED WOMEN. Early in life, brass rings are placed on the necks of the village girls and as they mature, additional rings are added. This pushes the collarbone down and compresses the rib cage, creating the illusion of stretching their necks. The remainder of the day is at your leisure. (B)
Day 16Luang PrabangToday, fly to Luang Prabang. (B)
Day 17Luang PrabangToday, enjoy a full day of sightseeing in this UNESCO World Heritage Site. Begin your morning by ascending MOUNT PHOUSI for beautiful views over the city and Mekong River. Then, walk through the historic town center stopping at WAT MAI, famous for its 5-tiered roof built in the traditional style of Luang Prabang. You will also visit the NATIONAL MUSEUM and WAT XIENG THONG, often thought to be the most beautiful wat, or monastery, in the city. The remainder of the day is at your leisure to explore further. (B,L)
Day 18Luang PrabangA full day at your leisure. Perhaps consider an excursion to Kuang Si Waterfalls or a cruise on the Mekong River to Pak Ou Caves. Your Local Host can help with suggestions. (B)
Day 19Luang PrabangYour vacation ends with breakfast this morning. (B)
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August 31, 2018Land Only Price$2,839.00 (USD)Quote
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September 06, 2018Land Only Price$2,839.00 (USD)Quote
September 07, 2018Land Only Price$2,839.00 (USD)Quote
September 08, 2018Land Only Price$2,839.00 (USD)Quote
September 09, 2018Land Only Price$2,839.00 (USD)Quote
September 10, 2018Land Only Price$2,839.00 (USD)Quote
September 11, 2018Land Only Price$2,839.00 (USD)Quote
September 12, 2018Land Only Price$2,839.00 (USD)Quote
September 13, 2018Land Only Price$2,839.00 (USD)Quote
September 14, 2018Land Only Price$2,859.00 (USD)Quote
September 15, 2018Land Only Price$2,869.00 (USD)Quote
September 16, 2018Land Only Price$2,889.00 (USD)Quote
September 17, 2018Land Only Price$2,889.00 (USD)Quote
September 18, 2018Land Only Price$2,889.00 (USD)Quote
September 19, 2018Land Only Price$2,889.00 (USD)Quote
September 20, 2018Land Only Price$2,889.00 (USD)Quote
September 21, 2018Land Only Price$2,889.00 (USD)Quote
September 22, 2018Land Only Price$2,889.00 (USD)Quote
September 23, 2018Land Only Price$2,889.00 (USD)Quote
September 24, 2018Land Only Price$2,889.00 (USD)Quote
September 25, 2018Land Only Price$2,889.00 (USD)Quote
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September 27, 2018Land Only Price$2,889.00 (USD)Quote
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October 09, 2018Land Only Price$2,989.00 (USD)Quote
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October 18, 2018Land Only Price$2,999.00 (USD)Quote
October 19, 2018Land Only Price$2,999.00 (USD)Quote
October 20, 2018Land Only Price$2,999.00 (USD)Quote
October 21, 2018Land Only Price$2,999.00 (USD)Quote
October 22, 2018Land Only Price$2,999.00 (USD)Quote
October 23, 2018Land Only Price$2,999.00 (USD)Quote
October 24, 2018Land Only Price$2,999.00 (USD)Quote
October 25, 2018Land Only Price$2,999.00 (USD)Quote
October 26, 2018Land Only Price$2,999.00 (USD)Quote
October 27, 2018Land Only Price$2,999.00 (USD)Quote
October 28, 2018Land Only Price$2,999.00 (USD)Quote
October 29, 2018Land Only Price$2,999.00 (USD)Quote
October 30, 2018Land Only Price$2,999.00 (USD)Quote
October 31, 2018Land Only Price$2,999.00 (USD)Quote
November 01, 2018Land Only Price$2,999.00 (USD)Quote
November 02, 2018Land Only Price$2,999.00 (USD)Quote
November 03, 2018Land Only Price$2,999.00 (USD)Quote
November 04, 2018Land Only Price$2,999.00 (USD)Quote
November 05, 2018Land Only Price$2,999.00 (USD)Quote
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November 07, 2018Land Only Price$2,999.00 (USD)Quote
November 08, 2018Land Only Price$2,999.00 (USD)Quote
November 09, 2018Land Only Price$2,999.00 (USD)Quote
November 10, 2018Land Only Price$2,999.00 (USD)Quote
November 11, 2018Land Only Price$2,999.00 (USD)Quote
November 12, 2018Land Only Price$2,999.00 (USD)Quote
November 13, 2018Land Only Price$2,999.00 (USD)Quote
November 14, 2018Land Only Price$2,999.00 (USD)Quote
November 15, 2018Land Only Price$2,999.00 (USD)Quote
November 16, 2018Land Only Price$2,999.00 (USD)Quote
November 17, 2018Land Only Price$2,999.00 (USD)Quote
November 18, 2018Land Only Price$2,999.00 (USD)Quote
November 19, 2018Land Only Price$2,999.00 (USD)Quote
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November 30, 2018Land Only Price$2,999.00 (USD)Quote
December 01, 2018Land Only Price$3,049.00 (USD)Quote
December 02, 2018Land Only Price$3,049.00 (USD)Quote
December 03, 2018Land Only Price$3,049.00 (USD)Quote
December 04, 2018Land Only Price$3,049.00 (USD)Quote
December 05, 2018Land Only Price$3,049.00 (USD)Quote
December 06, 2018Land Only Price$3,049.00 (USD)Quote
December 07, 2018Land Only Price$3,139.00 (USD)Quote
December 08, 2018Land Only Price$3,139.00 (USD)Quote
December 09, 2018Land Only Price$3,139.00 (USD)Quote
December 10, 2018Land Only Price$3,109.00 (USD)Quote
December 11, 2018Land Only Price$3,109.00 (USD)Quote
December 12, 2018Land Only Price$3,109.00 (USD)Quote
December 13, 2018Land Only Price$3,049.00 (USD)Quote
December 14, 2018Land Only Price$3,159.00 (USD)Quote
December 15, 2018Land Only Price$3,159.00 (USD)Quote
December 16, 2018Land Only Price$3,169.00 (USD)Quote
December 17, 2018Land Only Price$3,189.00 (USD)Quote
December 18, 2018Land Only Price$3,189.00 (USD)Quote
December 19, 2018Land Only Price$3,189.00 (USD)Quote
December 20, 2018Land Only Price$3,109.00 (USD)Quote
December 21, 2018Land Only Price$3,109.00 (USD)Quote
December 22, 2018Land Only Price$3,109.00 (USD)Quote
December 23, 2018Land Only Price$3,109.00 (USD)Quote
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December 26, 2018Land Only Price$3,109.00 (USD)Quote
December 27, 2018Land Only Price$3,109.00 (USD)Quote
December 28, 2018Land Only Price$3,109.00 (USD)Quote
December 29, 2018Land Only Price$3,109.00 (USD)Quote
December 30, 2018Land Only Price$3,109.00 (USD)Quote
December 31, 2018Land Only Price$3,109.00 (USD)Quote
January 01, 2019Land Only Price$3,219.00 (USD)Quote
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Prices are per person, based on double room occupancy. For singles traveling alone, a supplement will be quoted at the time of booking. Single rooms are available at a supplement; triple rooms are available at a reduction.

2019 departures are subject to itinerary and price modifications. Details will be available in August 2018.